By the well........

Come see a man who told me of all I had done

Is this not Christ, Godís only begotten Son

Cried the woman at the well as she ran into the city

Forgetting about the water pots that were left empty

Come to the well when your soul thirsts for the spirit

Come to the well where the living water never runs dry

A drink from this well is life ever lasting

Where waters of tranquility and strength abide.

Within ourselves we can do nothing,

Satanís strongholds cast us down.

If we will only go to the well of living water

Satanís ways subside

 There peace and courage will abound.

We canít reach out and take hold of the spirit

It is a gift of God flowing freely

 Through the crystal waters of life

To drink from this cup of salvation

We must humbly bow at the well of forgiveness

Plead our case to His throne for mercy and eternal life.

We may accept Him long before He accepts us

We canít come as we are and satisfy His wrath

But if we will surrender our life to Him completely

He will take up His abode and fill us

With His waters of eternal life.

God will never turn away a praying sinner

No matter how great the wrong he has done

Come to Jesusí well of healing waters

Heíll fill your soul with streams of salvation

And all your sins He will pardon.

Danna Robinette


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