Smiles, are now as I recall

The incident when my Granddaughter was small

She loved to think and do the baby things

To try a pacifier or swing in her baby swing

Now to sit in a high chair would be fun it seemed

Although a wee bit big, this little angel with her unseen wings.


We entered the restaurant for a meal

Not realizing what was ahead...the big ordeal

Little one quickly climbed and squeezed into the baby chair

All seemed well so we ate in peace very unaware

When dinner was over how to get her out of the wooden high chair.


Stuck, and I mean stuck...We began to pull and tug with fear

But to get her to budge was nowhere near

What can we do to free the little dear?

Get the oil from the kitchen, "I said with cheer"

Surely if she could squeeze in, she could be gotten out

So what was all the commotion about?

This theory wasn't working without a doubt.


Astonished and then almost panic

I had thought it kind of funny, it was and it wasn't

Little one thought it wasn't.

Little one got scared and began to cry, Momma began to sigh

Thank God for the preacher that came by

With more wisdom than those standing around

He turned the chair backwards and earned baby's crown

With her weight shifting his strategy was believed

She finally was free and how we were relieved

No need for the saw or tools for freedom to be retrieved.


A lesson was very well learned

From little one that now could discern

That sizes of chairs are important for you

And try one on for size before feeling blue

Will make little one's day out happy too.



Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved










Music: Missys Lullaby




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