Loving Mother with joy so great

Proud Dad who just couldn't wait

Two baby boys sent from Heaven

One named Ethan, One named Evan

Many answered prayers, abundance joys

Were waiting on the baby boys

Grandparents feeling so blessed

Knowing God will take care of the rest.

Blessings sweet as pie to share

To raise with tender love and care

Hold close with gentleness from God's hand

As they spread joy throughout the land.

As a smile curls on Evan's face

We know he is touched by God's grace

When Ethan's precious little ways, stirs in your heart

We know that God was there from the start.

Two little Sweet Williams from the Master's bouquet

As God let us know they were here to stay

May their life on earth be long

That they may sing a joyful song.

Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved



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Midi: Doodle     By Bruce Deboer

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