Stitches Of Love Was Her Fashion


Gently does she keep flowing,
Rippling from the wind softly blowing.
Freedom ringing from the mountain top
To the valley, the red, white and blue refuse to stop.
The stars sparkling against the midday sun,
Hanging with honor for all that has been won.
From the tall pole, to the knees of man,
Strength of a nation, because God can.
With honor and pride this great flag was sewn,
To withstand many a hurled storm to be flown.
A beautiful site, the flag to behold,
As we rise to salute and stand up bold.

May we cherish and protect the beauty of the flag.
May we ennoble and hold dear,
Each stitch that was made and honored with tears.
A nation to grow closer to God,
United through the years.

By strength and honor was she first found,
Sewed with great love was she bound.
May she always rise to fly at full mast.
May our eyes toward God ever be cast.
Danna Robinette
All Rights Reserved



God Bless America,
Beautiful words from the hearts of men,
One Nation Under God,
Wisdom from God how it all began.


Midi: Heart Strings  By: Bruce Deboer

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