Bless these hands that once held us
That soothed our fevered brow
All these years of toil and labor
Hands of fervor rest feeble now.

Hands of strength now faded
Trembling at days weary task
Frail but ever so gentle
Seeking for the moment's bask.

Prayerful hands humbly folded
Pleading for the spiritual gale
Hands that have withered life's turmoil
May God's love yet meekly prevail.

Soft and gentle as a summer breeze
Nimble to the ways of households chore
Mother's hands were all of these
As she embraced the days of yore.

Hands of bold heritage
Vintage of fruits bestowed
Hands of comfort, lift for the weary
Encouraging Mother's hands abode.

From the break of dawn
Till shadows of evening fall
Hands held not the bread of idleness
Were the lovely hands of Mother...I recall.

Danna Robinette
All Rights Reserved










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