To my precious child
When we look into the mirror of holiness
Can we see the image of Christ within us
Do we look upon the fellow man to find fault
Or do we cast a shadow on self as we ought

If we are to cast an image of Christ unto mankind
Let us look into our soul and find recollections of Zion
Let our ways be filled with virtue, none being self willed
May our reflections be fruits of the spirit deeply instilled

May our reflections convey love, joy and peace
Showing kindness and care to all within reach
It's in the brightness of lifting up one another
It's in highly esteeming and forgiving our brother

Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord
Holding to our faith, pressing on in one accord
May we look into the mirror of holiness
And reveal King Jesus' likeness before us

May the hallowed kingdom that lies within us
Shine forth as a city that can't be hid
To draw all men to the blessed Redeemer
To become saints of the great Deliverer
And pursue His ways of holiness forever
That all may live with Christ our Savior

Danna Robinette



Music: "Through My Eyes"
By: Bruce Deboer
Copyright by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.


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