She arises each day,
Her children call her "Blessed.”
Standing her ground,
She withstands each test.

She wavers not,
Her path is on the straight and narrow.
In victory's duel with evil,
Peace prevails the glowering morrow.

Her hope stands assured,
As she passes by dismay.
Founded on the rock,
Christ has graced her way.

Beholding the turning of times,
Yet holding on to truth.
Her light trimmed and burning,
God's written word as Holy proof.

With unseen wings she takes flight,
Each new day to God's command.
Toiling with weathered hands,
With love and kindness she takes her stand.

Through silence she ponders and prays,
As wisdom is sought.
By grace through faith,
Her field is bought.

A virtuous woman ... her price is great,
With good fruits to yield.
Her labors of help and love,
Abounds in the center of God's field.

Her path with memories,
To leave unveiled,
That others may live and desire,
To trod God's hallowed trail.

Letting nothing stand in her way,
She stands her ground.
On God's Holy mount,
Her bounds are found.

©Danna Marie Robinette
May 2008






Music: "You Raise Me Up"

Words and music by:
Rolf Lovland and Brendan Graham
Musician: Janis Wilson
Arrangement: Janis Wilson
Used With Permission

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