In coolness of the early morning air,
The shawl of Autumn wraps tightly to a close,
As it swiftly approaches the falling Winter snow,
Leaving behind the faded rose.

The children running and playing,
Catching the twirling leaves,
As they slide into the brilliant colors of heaps,
Happily mounded by the gentle breeze.

Pumpkins piled high near the Ole Homestead,
Nestled amidst fodder shocks woven by Autumn's thread,
Scattered crystal frost shimmering on garden's furrowed bed,
As the sun begins to peep around the old barn shed.

Potatoes now dug have filled the wooden sled,
As the plow horse tugs to pull the weight ahead,
While the mustard and turnip greens,
Await their turn for hungry lads to be fed.

Mares scantly grazing in the meadow brown,
Where splendid green grass once was found,
Patiently awaiting for Autumn's season to close,
For Winter passing to Spring, for the new birth to foal.

How marvelous are God's Seasons,
As each brings new dreams to morning dawn,
A ray of hope that clears the mist,
And shines with abundant seed to be sown.

Strum not on Autumn as a fading spirit,
Or falling of crumbling leaves,
Or the down flow of sap amongst the trees.
Cling to it as a season, bringing in the sheaves.

Letting joyful memories bind our heart so close,
Amidst the chilly winds that blow,
That the shawl of Autumn wraps happiness,
Counting our blessings as Autumn comes to a close.

Danna Robinette



Music: "Slane (Be Thou My Vision)"

Irish Tunes
"Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor."
Copyright By Barry Taylor
Used With Permission

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