As I recall the golden rays of Sonshine
That shimmer through windows of love
Of a bouncing little girl, age of two
Surely sent from heaven above.

One in five thousand, against all odds
"She's God sent," echoes the Doctor's voice
Surely a purpose for this precious birth
A blessed child, for God had made the choice.

One Sunday morning, she entered the Church
So bubbly and happy, smiles for all she did greet
She loved their hugs and hand shakes
And their treats of candy before taking her seat.

Full of love and very mischievous
Was this little girl with dark sparkling eyes
Her long black hair glistening
Much too grown up for her little size.

She sat beside Mama there on the front pew
Kicked off her little shoes for comfort complete
But not for long to our surprise
For soon her spirit was filled with no deceit.

Singing had ended as the Preacher took his stand
Preaching a lovely sermon for all to hear
To a congregation of nearly three hundred
As Little Miss arose to her feet without fear.

She bounced into the place near the pulpit
Where the dear Preacher did stand
And began to tug at the hem of his suit coat
Until she had full attention of this Preacher man.

Although she was only the age of two
Her words rang clear and was easily understood
As she told the Preacher, "Time to sit down"
He kindly replied, "Honey" in a minute he would.

Mama was in shock, what to do with little Miss
She hurried then to where the Preacher stood
Gently picked her up and headed for the door
As quickly and humbly as she could.

Little Miss didn't understand all the commotion
Of her innocence and delightful way
Why she must have to leave so hastily
And no longer at Church could she stay.

After our apologies, there became a friendship
A special bond lasting a lifetime
The Preacher found Little Miss amusing
This little God sent Granddaughter of mine.

After the Preacher's heavenly flight with the angels
His wife told us, in his Bible was a special place
That held the treasured picture of Little Miss
Between the pages... Pure in heart and God's grace.

Little Miss is all grown up now
A lovely lady with fifteen years of age
The beginning of a new chapter in her life
As we turn a memorable childhood page.

Danna Marie Robinette©
1~ 21 ~ 09
All Rights Reserved