Her beauty is beyond utterance.
Her walls are of highest towers.
Her windows are of purest love.
Her curtains will withstand the closing of time.

Her aisles are streams of highest joy.
Her seats are of blessed redeemed saints.
Her door of entrance is salvation graced forever.
Her beacon shines as brightest beams from heaven.

Her solid foundation stands assure.
Her sound is as a convoy of angels.
Her adorned raiment is white as snow.
Her countenance is filled with prayer and song.

Her breath of life shouts glory to the King.
Her arm of strength pursues forever
Her hands reach forth with mercy and truth.
Her feet follow the narrow path of righteousness.

Her coverings of tapestry are arrayed by His blood.
Her table is set with radiant pearl.
Her food is bread of heavenly manna.
Her drink is the fountain of living water.

Her peace surpasseth all understanding.
Her destiny shall be Heaven with God and His Son.
Who can forbear from Thee...

Danna Marie Robinette
















Top image is from a tutorial at Designs by Sandee

Music: "Amazing Grace"

At Laura's Midi Heaven
Used With Permission

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