Daddy, I'm praying for you.
Mommy, I know you are praying too,
For Daddy to be home for Christmas,
We miss him so, if he only knew.

Iraq seems so far away,
And Christmas seems so near.
Daddy is more precious than presents,
His coming home would be so dear.

Although the tree star will be shining,
And Christmas lights all aglow,
It's daddy I want to be here,
He loves me lots, I know.

I have made a present for him,
It is one of a kind,
Some of the pages are stained,
With lonesome teardrops of mine.

But I know he won't mind the stains,
For he will hold the booklet close,
And read it when he can,
Then he will know who we love most.

Each day I drew him a picture,
Or wrote some on a page.
My vocabulary is small,
Because of my young age.

But daddy will understand,
Daddies are just that way.
They read with their heart,
No matter what the words say.

I've bound the pages with love,
And glued them together the best that I can.
I hope it doesn't come apart,
It seems so long ago, since I first began.

The booklet holds my heart as I tell him,
How lonely days sometimes are while he's away,
And how I miss our fun times,
When we all would run and play.

Dear Jesus, I know You can hear me.
I know You can make a way,
Till daddy can be home,
With mommy and me on Christmas Day.

One more thing, Jesus,
Before I have to go,
You know daddy is in the desert land,
When he's home for Christmas,
Please let it snow.

Here are hugs and kisses for You,
XO ~ XO ~ XO,
Please send some of them to dad,
And God bless all the soldiers,
I love you, Jesus!
From your friend, your little lad.

Danna Marie Robinette©





Music: "Shine, Shine, Bethlehem Star"

© 2002 Hamblen & Hamblen Music.
Used With Permission


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