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Please remind me, Lord
While on my journey here
With my hand in Yours
No storms should I fear.

You stood in the fiery furnace
And set the Hebrew boys free
Should I doubt that You'll be with me
For in You there's no partiality.

You were with Noah
Though some may have thought him insane
You carefully guided him with the ark each day
Until You sent the rain.

You were with Daniel
So calm in the lion's den he lay
What an awesome God
By faith, You light the way.

You were with Abraham
When he offered up his son
He said to the men, we will return
By faith, Isaac's life was won.

You were with David
A man whose great love was in Thee
Not afraid to slew the giant
By one of five little stones he was set free.

You were with Moses
When he parted the Red Sea
Pharaoh let my people go
In God they will be free.

You were with Sara
By faith she would bear a child
Who past the bearing age
On her, a child God did smile.

You were with Stephen
As he looked toward the skies
As they were stoning him to death
Heaven's view was in his eyes.

By faith we walk
By faith we believe and feel
By grace through faith we are healed
By a God so good and real.

Precious faith, how strong it makes us feel
Without it where would we be
For You tell us clearly
Without faith it is impossible to please Thee.

Thank You for the small yellow flowers
That grow on yonder hill
For the grains of mustard seed
Their plant does yield.

As a constant reminder
That of faith as this small seed
We could move mountains
If we would follow and have faith in Thee.

©Danna Robinette



Music: "The Love of God"

Composer F.M. Lehman
Sequenced By Watmanmus
Used With Permission

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