Image By Dark Blue Knight

Bind not my wings
That I may fly
To my mansion
In the sky.

Bind not my wings
With tears that flow
Set me free
Let me go.

So sudden, I left behind
A loving heart of gold
That shared me daily
With the lives of young and old.

Bind not my wings
For a gift I wish to leave
My gift of courage
That you may not grieve.

Bind not my wings
With thoughts of despair
Remember me with cheer
As I leave you in God's care.

As that of Eagle's wings
You may start each day anew
Lifted in your daily flight
Take my courage and pursue.

Beloved wife,
I may just be your guardian angel
Although out of Earthly Sight
That God has chosen to help lift
And make your day be bright.

A loving tribute
To a dear friend
A Godly man of strength and courage.

Russell Addington

Danna Marie Robinette©
March 2008