To behold Him in all His glory,
To reach out and touch His once nail scarred hand,
To lay our head upon His gleaming white robe,
With total peace in Gloryland.

Our reward will be so grand,
His banner of love waved high,
To live with the King of all kings,
To meet Him in the sky.

To one day stand with the angel band,
In Canaan's fair land,
With the Shepherd of all shepherds,
What a day it will be in Gloryland.

What a promise from the Perfect One,
Who will out shine the sun,
Who once bore the cross,
The Lamb of God, the choice one.

He who holds the mighty staff,
Strong enough that the whole world may lean,
And abide in His tender care,
In a land so peaceful and serene.

A Shepherd in the midnight hour,
Never too busy to show His great care,
With tender love, He takes our troubles away,
And brings a peaceful heart from afar.

That we may feel His sweet comfort,
And rest in the arms of His blessed love,
Nothing can compare with this,
Behold, the Lamb of God from above.

The Shepherd of the flock,
He leads in the heartland of the soul,
His love and care always there,
To make us feel whole.

He who writes our name,
In the Lamb's Book of Life,
And engraves in the palm of His tender hand,
Safe and secure, eternally to live in Gloryland.

What a rejoicing time it will be,
When we enter His glorious sheepfold,
To rise to the heights where the Shepherd reigns,
And live in a city of gold,
With the precious Lamb of God to behold.

Danna Marie Robinette©







Music: "The Lord Is My Shepherd."

Music from "Quietsong Eventide" by Lee Kurt Holder
Copyright © 1997, 2001 Lee Kurt Holder
MIDI sequence (P) 2002 Lee Kurt Holder
Words by Larry Holder, adapted from Psalm 23
Copyright © 2003 Larry Holder
Used With Permission

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