Outside the snow is gently falling
The sun shining bright
Glistening on the blanket of white
What a beautiful site.

Snowflakes floating so calmly
As the Earth seems clothed in peace
A moment wrapped in white perfection
The dazzling sparkle soon to cease.

One of the wonders of nature
That brings a pure delight
The Earth covered with amazement
As God sheds precious light

Children running and playing
Energy excelled in awe
Sleigh rides down the mount slopes
With hope the snow doesn't thaw.

Laughter and joy embrace the wind
As the sleigh hugs the road's bend
Little ones holding on tight to each other
Children spending time with a friend.

The sleigh seems to take flight
Speed mounts as they sail to slopes below
Where will the sleigh stop...
Atop the beautiful glistening snow.

While others are ice skating
In figure eight twirls, in merrily delight
Over the crystal frozen pond
From noonday sun till moonlit twilight.

Enjoying God's creation of bliss
Children's hearts aglow
A blessing from the Lord
Children playing in the sparkling snow.

©Danna Marie Robinette
All Rights Reserved








Music: "Winter Snow"

Midi Courtesy Of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission

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