My Mother

~ A special poem written by my Daughter for me ~

There's no one like my Mother,

She's a gift from God you see.

Not only is she my Mother,

But a Sister and Friend to me.


The times we share are priceless,

They will forever stay in my heart.

God has blessed us with eternal life,

So never shall we part.


She's always there to lend a hand,

What ever the task may be.

Raising my children or building a home,

She always encourages me.


My Mother inspires me greatly,

With her written words from above.

A gift that makes her more precious,

One that is filled with His sweet love.

My greatest gift from Mother,

Is God's light she shines to me.

Teaching me and guiding me,

To always look to Thee.


If I can lead my children,

Down the path that my Mother has shown,

Teaching them to lean on God,

As life's journey travels on.


I'll know I've given them,

The gifts she gives to me.

Guidance to live a better life,

And the Best Mother I can be.


Thank you Mother for everything,

The debt is to great to repay.

I hope the Lord will bless you,


I love you,

Love, Holly

Written By

My Precious Daughter, Holly Osborne

All Rights Reserved





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Bob Barnes Midis


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