If I could sing a song

It would be a song of cheer

That your joy would last all day

And God's blessings would be near.

If I could give you wings

As of the peaceful dove

I would pray for God to give you freedom

And to fill your heart with His love.

If I could plant a flower garden

That would fill the earth

Each day I would send a fragrant bouquet

To represent to you of Jesus' worth.

If I could capture the blowing wind

And all the seeds that it scatters afar

I would ask God to send one to your heart

And let you shine as His star.

If I could but catch a snowflake

As it falls gently to the ground

And to distinguish its uniqueness

In you its likeness would be found.

If I could hold in my hand, sunshine

I would dry up all your tears

I would ask God to bless you

And to brighten all your years.

But I can't very well sing

My flower garden is planted yet small

I don't have the power to give wings

Nor to make someone's stature tall.

I can't capture the wind

Nor hold sunshine in my hand

Or distinguish the uniqueness

Of a snowflake in a winter wonderland.

But I can ask God to Bless you & yours

And hold you gently in His hand

And to be with you and smile on you

Until we reach Heaven's glory land.

©Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved







Midi: Only A Smile

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