Pray for our soldiers when we kneel in prayer.
God's power can travel over land, sea or air.
He can carry a message to the soldier's heart.
He can lift his spirit with a prayer from home.
Let our soldiers be like little David with his armor on.

May their armor be strong and ordered of God,
Giving them understanding where their feet must trod.
Prayer can move mountains or defeat a powerful army,
Whether the enemy be great or the battle stormy.
God's power can bring peace among mighty nations.
Pray, pray for the army stations.

Remember the soldier's families when we pray.
God give them strength and help them through each day.
May we hold in our heart the memory they impart.
May we honor the soldiers and keep them close at heart.
Remember our comfort that we enjoy and have at hand,
While our soldiers are troubled in the desert land.

Let prayer bring our soldiers home.

©Danna Marie Robinette















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