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Sailing for Jesus

Come and get aboard

There awaits a glorious reward

The sailing may be rough

But the landing will be oh so smooth

It's left up to you which way you choose.


The fog is clearing, God's Son shining through

The clouds moving, I see the skies of blue

From the ship, there's a sign up ahead

Written with blood that can be clearly read

Oh, how important are the words that said

"Tickets Still Available," please purchase today...

For this ship won't be back it's traveling one way.


Don't wait until the Master decides to turn over the sign

And it sadly reads "Sold Out" on the final line

Freely is the ticket purchased

Paid for by Jesus' blood

So don't delay,

For the Master may say

That's all, no more mercy "Sold Out" today.


Then time will be no more

Crying for mountains to fall

To hide them from the face of Jesus

From God who has given the final call

There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth

Cast into the fiery lake

No Ticket ~ no safety, no peace, no relief.


This ticket is so precious and is offered to all

You've free deliverance when the Master calls

It's filled with love and from it

No ill will shall be found

For it's founded on HOLY Ground.


This ticket given by the Master's hand

Is free salvation from the Master's plan

It's all we need to reach Canaan's Land

Don't wait to purchase after God closes the door

And then hear Him say "No mercy, No More."

" Written as a parable"


Blessings, Danna Robinette

All Rights Reserved

  2- 3-05









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