Come Sing With Me


Has your heart lost it's song?
Has your way been weary and long?
There's a brand new song on the horizon for you,
Just waiting to be sung, only by you.

Listen to the symphony of the Angels there,
Delivering His plea everywhere.
Cast your cares on Jesus and come sing with me.
Filled with His grace, He surely needs thee.

He brings strength out of weakness for you and me,
Glory out of shame, when He set us free.
Filled with His spirit, singing praises to His name,
What wondrous mirth by the Angels came.

Don't lose hope for the wayward child,
God's power is still there all the while.
Pray and trust in the almighty King.
The news He'll bring will make your heart sing.

Don't lose the song, God puts in your heart.
Trust in Him, He'll do His part.
In King Jesus, He'll see you through,
Answering your prayer and making all things new.

Danna Marie Robinette

All Rights Reserved












"The Messenger"
 Painting By: Mary Baxter St. Clair
Thanks for use of artwork


Midi: Castles In The Sky
Bruce Deboer





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