Lord, Harden not my heart

When troubles come my way

Keep me humble as the lamb

Please allow my heart to pray.

Veil my soul with compassion for others

For them, enfold my heart with forgiveness

Though they may be self-willed and in the wrong

That I may receive of Your blessedness.

It's so easy for our thoughts to drift, Lord

And fail to turn all our cares over to You

But as Your child, all will work together for good

And You will truly repay to all that's due.

Surely goodness and mercy will follow us

For the good Shepherd loves His lambs & sheep

As each trial brings us closer, wisdom we entreat

Although, for an instance we may toil and weep.

Precious Master

Oh, The joy to be one in Your fold

When we are clothed with Your love

To be hedged in and Your loving face to behold.

Oh, Precious strength

That can only be crowned from on high

To feed from the hand of my Master

And to know His staff to lean on is always nigh.

Oh, To be Your lamb

To drink of life's clear crystal flowing river

To rest on the banks of Your salvation

To have the blessed assurance that You will always deliver.

To be led through Your green pastures

And to feel our soul has been restored

To feel Your loving comfort

And to want for nothing more.

Lord, Let it be You I'll always follow

Never be minded to go in front, only for You to lead

Never listen to the voice of a stranger

Let Your low still voice be there, that I may take heed.

What would we do without You, Jesus?

Life would be so empty and barren

Like salt that has lost its savor

Like Moses sent without Aaron.

Like sand upon the sea shore

Quickly sinking, then washed away

Without solid foundation to stand on

Like the sun without its golden ray.

How precious to know You are always there

And that the south wind will surely again blow

In God's light, a new day will always dawn

For You & the Father love Your children so.

Blessings, Danna Robinette


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