I wish I could have seen Noah

And know the faith he held within

Can you imagine the blessings God did send

How many visions or how many dreams

God bestowed to Noah, of things unseen

 All the ways to build, perfect in every way

The width and length of the great ark

In which to save all played a part.

Probably thought of as insane

Or greatly persecuted for His master's name

When I think of Noah

And how his wondrous faith first came

When God said to Noah it's going to rain

What joy Noah must have felt

How close to God he must have been

For God to reveal so many things

Bit by Bits to him.

How calm and serene they did march

Two by two into the ark

Upon this great journey they did start

I wonder what life was like on the ark

I believe God's spirit was there

With preaching and shouting and prayer

And maybe the birds and doves joined in

And heavens and angels begin to sing.

Did you ever think of the fear the unbelievers held

When the rain began to pour

And raging waters began to soar

Higher and higher until land

Could be seen on more.

Oh how precious was Noah and his faith

And oh how caring was his mate

To share in this great story

To stand by his side

As the great waters began to subside.

Did you ever think of only Noah

And his family alone upon the great earth

Do you think they ever got lonesome

Or was they filled with God's great mirth

Oh what a wonderful story

To know God and all He has done

And to feel one day we'll rise to meet His Son.

How precious is His rainbow

How beautiful to see it glow

How wonderful to know

And to believe in His covenant here below.


Danna Robinette

1 ~ 22 ~ 2005

All Rights Reserved









Student Artwork Top Image

By My Lovely Granddaughter Kayla




How Great Thou Are

Sung By Elder Jerry Mann


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