There lies a priceless treasure within my home.

                  The sweetest book I have ever known.

                  Itís pages are all tattered and worn,

                   But the spirit God gave is well adorned.

                 I hold it ever so gently as I remember well

                How special I felt, none can tell

                For such a gift in my home to dwell.

                 The day my Grandpa gave me his family Bible.


               Nothing more precious could be given by his hand.

               Than his family Bible from a Grandpa so grand.

             This gift had been bestowed from great depths of love

              To a granddaughter who had accepted the Father above.

                   His church I had made my new home,

                My path was his path, never more to roam.


                 Although my grandpa couldnít read,

               I remember as he began to plead.

              When he would ask for the scriptures to be read.

                He surely took thought to all that was said.

               His countenance would become very sincere

                  And he would intently listen.

               Filled with wisdom was this precious Christian.


               How we did rejoice, when we would tenderly meet.

               Each telling of our experiences with Jesus so sweet.

               Our eyes would fill with tears of joy and love

             And our hearts would be filled with Godís spirit above.

              He would tell of how he would pray

                And how God would answer and show him the way.


                   Being an orphan since I was ten.

                 My Grandpa became my Father role then.

                 I lived nearby and he was my friend.

                I watched his life from day to day.

                 I saw his goodness and wanted to live his way.

               He told me how he would pray while lying on his bed.

              And of all the tears on his pillow for salvation he had shed.


                 Many years have gone by,

                And my Grandpa is at rest on high.

                I often think of him and wish he was nigh.

                I wish he could see my child and grandchildren so sweet.

                 What a joy it would be if they could meet.

                 But when I take the priceless gift from the shelf

                  And precious memories began to take a stand,

                   I feel assured Iíll meet with my Grandpa in the Gloryland.

                 Danna Robinette


                 All Rights Reserved


            These are true images of my 

            Grandpa Hatler's Family Bible

              Purchased over 60 years ago" Priceless " 
















                     Midi: Gift Of Love

                       By: Bob Sorem   

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