Humble Shepherd ~

Prince of Peace

Safely hold us as

Your lamb of fleece

Gently lead with staff in hand

As we travel this weary land.

Humble Shepherd ~

Now exalted King

Hear our humble plea

We need guidance

That comes from Thee.

Humble Shepherd ~

Counselor sweet

Come feed thy sheep

Little lambs that gather

Sweetly at your feet

Little lambs that cry and bleat.

Humble Shepherd ~

Bread of life

Some are weary

And are losing sight

Shed your loving light.

Humble Shepherd ~

Lord of Lords

Gather from the four winds

Other sheep not of the fold

In your arms please do hold.

Humble Shepherd ~

The Great I Am

Little lambs that have gone astray

Gently call them today

Precious Savior show the way.

Humble Shepherd ~

Lamb of God

When life is over

And ceased to be

Take us home

To live with Thee.

Blessings, Danna Robinette

 All Rights Reserved








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